From the manager

It comes to the loitering Mitikusa photograph pavilion, thank you exists, and there is sitting.
I'm sorry by the number of photographs though it is few, and the image is not so good either.
It thinks the photograph to be going to increase it in the future, and sometimes peep, please.
It wants to refer to the opinion and the impression, and feel free to write in the bulletin board, please.
Please stop writing that the adult and the person get wounded.
Please use only that manners can be defended. I hope.

Easy profile
Manager:Kokoro Aketi
Hobby: Game
The favorite one
Movie: Total Eclipse, Ameli
Film actor: Tom Hulce
Composer: L.van Beethoven and Pyotr Iliich Chaikovskii
Japanese music: Kazuyoshi Saito, Odani Misako, and spitz.
Pianist: MAKSIM

Machine parts used
Lens: 50milli and 52milli
Magnifying glass

It was installed by 2004 turning over calendar versions and 2005 versions on cat's day.

It returns in the top.
We will refuse the download of the photograph. I'm sorry.